Construction of cottages
New to the finish in the suburbs – as to inspect the apartment

If you decide to buy an apartment in the Moscow region, then you are ready to make a very important and crucial step is for you. Most important in this decision is certainly a surefire choice that you have to do yourself. It is necessary to objectively assess inspect zhile. Chtoby know how to do it, you can find useful recommendations, which are nizhe. Rekomendatsiya number 1. The first step is to look around on the ground. It is important not to ignore the area where homes are located in the suburbs. It is advisable to give preference to apartments that are located in parts of the city that is convenient for you and pay attention to the level of infrastructure development. In particular, great importance is accessibility. Therefore, the original “try on” over the area where your property is inspected, and only then, making sure you are satisfied, you can go to the no less difficult step, a survey itself kvartiry. Rekomendatsiya number 2. The property is better to choose in the daytime, that is during the day. This is the best time that fits best for your inspection of the proposed dwelling. To see all sorts of defects, which may well be the case, it is the easiest way in the afternoon. By defect, for example, may include uneven walls, ceilings and so dalee. Rekomendatsiya number 3. Do not trust him, better to check everything carefully. Inspecting buildings for sale in Moscow, always remember to test the locking mechanisms, which are equipped with all the windows, consider quality and reliability of the existing installation of window constructions in general. Note that between frames and walls are no gaps or cracks should not be. A large role here as well and should be given to communications. First of all, do not forget to make sure that the water meters installed for convenient removal from their testimony. Note also that, how easy is it can cover the water. You should also check the status of electricity and ventilyatsii. Esli it comes to the inspection of apartments in new buildings, the exhaust tips on this, because there is no interior space, and the house recently put into operation. Is not the case if the apartment buildings have sold with finishing. In this case, the detection of possible defects becomes very difficult. But it is worth noting that the defects that arise during construction, are extremely rare. Quality of the construction of new buildings in the suburbs can and should be trusted. But, of course, happens to everyone. When buying apartments, located in a Moscow building, there is absolutely no need to conduct inspection of the exterior walls, try to find fault plumbing and assess the extent of required repairs. If during the inspection of buildings you have been able to find any defects, you always have the opportunity to report on their own or the developer or his representative to find out whether you can eliminate these defects and to clarify the terms of their elimination. But to be in this situation is extremely difficult. All developers working in the Moscow region, monitor the quality of construction, which is under their authority, because the correctness of each phase of construction work, whether it be setting the foundation or masonry walls depends on the safety of future residents and their living comfort in the new buildings erected.